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Opening hearts and freeing minds with a pause and a breath

"I thought I was needing a vacation from work. I now realize "I" created my own stress at work. I needed to Pause Breathe and Proceed. Thank you for the useful information and tools."

Transform Your Event: Elevate Minds with
Pause Breathe Proceed

  • Relatable — Karen spent hours in a cubicle, visiting companies, working from home and as a consulting manager for Fortune 500 companies. She knows many sides of stress in an organization, as a wife and as an individual.

  • Experience — She has an B.A. from the University of Kentucky, Inner MBA from NYU and Sounds True, nine years in corporate consulting and over 26 years and 3000 hours of training in the massage industry. She understands the mind/body connection. She is also a Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor.

  • Fun — We bring a dynamic blend of fun and knowledge to every presentation we deliver. Our engaging style ensures that attendees not only learn valuable information but also enjoy themselves. With our unique approach, we infuse energy and humor into our presentations, creating an interactive and memorable experience for everyone involved.

  • ​​Easy to Understand — Stress is a challenging topic but we present it in such a way that is easy to understand. We have heard “why didn't anyone explain it this way before?”

  • Passionate — We are on fire when we share our experiences and knowledge. You won’t fall asleep with us on stage! Our goal is to leave our audience feeling inspired, empowered, and eager for more.

"Why didn't anyone explain it like this before?"


  • Improve mental and physical health

  • Reduce reactivity and stress

  • Give hope to those who are losing hope

  • ​Redefine stress and our approach to healing

  • Create human connections that are human-kind

"You are going to change the world! I have been practicing Pause Breathe Proceed for some time now and if it wasn't for Pause Breathe Proceed I don't know where I would be now!"

We have solutions for everyone!

Are you tired of solutions that just don't seem to stick? Do you find yourself listening to inspiring speakers, only to feel like nothing changes once the event is over? If you're seeking a straightforward and effective way to manage stress that's accessible to all, look no further than Pause Breathe Proceed. We're not just talk; we're mindfulness and emotional intelligence in action.

We redefine stress in a way that resonates deeply and creates lasting internal shifts. Our approach goes beyond traditional definitions; we break down stress, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence in a way that everyone can grasp and relate to. By demystifying these concepts, we pave the way for profound "AHA" moments that spark real change. With our innovative perspective on stress and holistic approach to well-being, we empower individuals to embrace a new way of living—one grounded in peace, power, and purpose.

Invite us to speak at your next event, and experience the transformative power of Pause Breathe Proceed firsthand. You won't be disappointed!


Partnering with Surf the Earth for mental health awareness

We are committed to promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention. We partnered with the non-profit Surf the Earth for a meaningful and personal event at the Big Sky Resort in Montana. It was an honor to share our Pause Breathe Proceed tools with all those who attended. We believe in the power of Pause Breathe Proceed to reduce stress, manage reactivity, overcome self-doubt, and foster resilience. Through collaborations like this, we hope to inspire individuals to prioritize their mental well-being and create a supportive community where everyone feels empowered to seek help and support when needed. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health.


Transform Stress with Pause Breathe Proceed

Join me as I sit down with the incredible Karen Wright, the visionary behind the mantra and now company called "Pause, Breathe, Proceed." Karen opens up about her remarkable shift from a high-stress corporate career to becoming a pioneer of wellness. Her personal epiphany led to a simple, yet profound method to confront stress and enhance emotional intelligence. 🌟👉 Listen now to discover: Karen's inspiring journey and the life-changing power of her method, how Pause Breathe Proceed can transform your daily routine, and the broader implications of spreading kindness and well-being. We also dive deep into how this philosophy doesn't just improve individual lives but ripples out to touch others, creating partnerships with nonprofits dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention.

"Stress is like a thief in the night, it robs you of the present moment. But the moment you pause, breathe, and proceed, you take back control. You become the master of your mind and the architect of your life." - Karen Wright

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