Pause Breathe Proceed reduces stress, improves health and empowers free will

Pause Breathe Proceed directs you to a life of peace, understanding, healthy relationships, compassion and joy. You will be empowered to personal changes that lead to improved physical, mental, emotional and social health as well as improving relationships with yourself and others.

Pause Breathe Proceed is surprisingly simple, profoundly powerful and designed for real people in living in the real world. It can be used anywhere, anytime. It’s easy enough for kids, yet effective enough for the work world.

Pause Breathe Proceed is mindfulness and emotional intelligence boiled down to three simple steps that work

Pause Breathe Proceed offers education, tools and support for individuals, groups and businesses

Let us guide you

Hi, I’m Karen Wright,

and this is my story of founding Pause Breathe Proceed

“I struggled with health issues my whole life due to stress. As a massage therapist of twenty years, I wanted to understand stress and how it affects the body and mind. The practices of mindfulness and emotional intelligence came to my attention. I attended a week-long intensive retreat on the neuroscience of yoga and meditation. At the retreat, I lived mindfully or in the present moment. I was aware of what I was doing and my surroundings were peaceful. Stress was reduced.

Well, of course it was! I had meals prepared for me, attended classes, and performed mindful exercises.

When I got back to my daily life, being mindful and in the moment was impossible. I was like a squirrel. My attention span was all over the place. I needed to understand why mindfulness was so hard. I looked to the sky, asked God for guidance, and three powerful words came to me, “Pause Breathe Proceed.”

These three words are a reminder to stop that freight train our mind and body live on. Our brain is wired to react in a certain way to just about every situation. Pause Breathe Proceed is a simple process anyone can use throughout their day to actually rewire the brain to respond differently and find peace, power and purpose.

My husband, Kevin, is an engineer. He would never go to yoga, meditation or mindfulness class, but he can easily bring Pause Breathe Proceed into his day. (He also reminds me to pause and breathe occasionally!)

Although my life is not stress-free, my stress is controlled and I am free. My physical, mental, emotional and social health are strong. I am learning so much about myself. This is what I wish for you too!”

The problem with conventional solutions to stress

They’re a shot in the dark

Stress is how we interpret the craziness in our life. It’s a catch-all term used to put all the challenging emotions into one bottle.

Ever been treated for stress symptoms without really understanding the problem? That was me. It’s like fixing a leak without knowing where it’s coming from — frustrating and pointless. So many solutions, so little clarity. It’s like a never-ending buffet — you end up stuffed but still hungry for real results.

Mindfulness and emotional intelligence are game changers for reducing stress, but the concepts can be abstract and the techniques unrealistic in the down and dirty of everyday life. Yoga mats and incense? Not happening!

At Pause Breathe Proceed we are all about demystifying stress. Understanding your stress gives you power over your life.

What makes

Pause Breathe Proceed different?

It really works! And here's why . . .

We make stress relief feel like second nature

In a world where every second counts, fitting in those zen moments can seem impossible. We get it — between work, family and Netflix, who's got time to meditate for hours?

That’s where Pause Breathe Proceed comes in. We’re not here to add to your to-do list. Our simple, no-fuss approach slips seamlessly into your day. No complicated yoga poses, just real-life solutions.

Navigating through the chaos: Keeping it simple

Pause Breathe Proceed is like GPS for your life. Once you know the power of the pause, you can’t un-know it. You don’t just close our book and go back to the same old life.

With our friendly reminders, weekly pauses, emails and private Facebook group, we’ll guide you on your journey to your much-needed peace of mind.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and hello to a happier and balanced life.

A solution as comfortable as your favorite sweatpants

Pause Breathe Proceed isn’t just another solution to be tossed up to “I tried”. It’s like your favorite sweatpants — comfy, easy, and perfect for everyday wear.

The more you practice Pause Breathe Proceed, the better it gets. As you begin to understand yourself better, you will unleash your FREE WILL and live your life with peace, power and purpose!

Say goodbye to the days of feeling lost in the chaos. Say hello to a life where peace, power and purpose reign supreme.

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