Slay your stress, reclaim your health and unleash your free will (while flossing your teeth)

No we’re not kidding! You can learn a simple method to tame stress anywhere, anytime. It's shockingly simple but profoundly powerful — and it works.

Stress is how we interpret the craziness in our lives. Stressors bombard us and we become reactive, lashing out in anger or self destructing with doubt, anxiety and depression.

Stress ravages our minds and bodies, rearing its ugly head as pain, illness, racing thoughts, sleep troubles, stomach issues, weight problems — and we don’t have to tell you what it does to relationships.

My name is Karen Wright and I want to share with you something that radically changed my life. Keep reading, I promise it’s worth it!

When someone asks “How are you?”

what’s your reply?

If it’s something along the lines of “Where do I start?” or “Meh,” then what I'm about to share is for you!

Stress has gotten to be so normal. Our culture leads us to think stress is a sure sign of a busy, successful life, almost cool. We have job stress, relationship stress, identity stress, financial stress, getting-the-kids-everywhere-they-need-to-be stress, and then finally is-this-all-there-is-to-life stress! When you live inside the identify of “I’m so stressed out,” you feel out of control and totally overwhelmed, forever stuck putting out fires.

No one effectively defined stress or gave you the tools to manage it, but aren't you desperate to finally find a life of peace, power and purpose?

It’s time for a change, let’s GO!

Three simple steps will guide you to a whole new way of living

Pause Breathe Proceed is like opening the windows of your stuffy house and letting the fresh air flow in

  • Experience the world through a whole new colorful perspective.

  • Feel lighter, stronger and healthier in your body — stand tall with ease.

  • Have a bottomless well of energy for the things you love.

  • Be unbothered by others who once made you want to pull your hair out and scream.

  • Embody love and experience deeper connections with people you love.

Taking your first steps to Pause Breathe Proceed means stepping into the best version of you

Leslie Durrett from Florida

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Power of Pause Breathe Proceed

Your Thoughts





Reaction vs Response

Origin of Thoughts



Stress Awareness

Daily Routine

Chaos is the Absencee of a Plan

Slow Down

Do No Harm

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Bracelet, credo card, window cling and stickers

A personal connection with real people

No more “buy this online course then see ya.”

We are a women-owned company in the USA and we care.

Reach out to us on email, the Facebook group, or live Zooms. You are not alone and there is more love coming your way.

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Kecia Freed from Michigan


Softcover book

Our 66-page softcover book will walk you step-by-step through the Pause Breathe Proceed methodology. Your whole world will change as you read this book. Do the self-explorative exercises for deeper impact.

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These stickers, window cling, credo card and bracelet will enhance your experience and serve as a daily reminder of your choice and transformation into a new way of living. Without reminders, it’s hard to change. We’re that little tap on your shoulder to remind you to stop for a moment, find calm, and proceed in a kind human-kind of way.


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May your journey guide you back to your soul

May you realize your unlimited power

May you live in peace, love, and light

Introducing the Brain Shifter—a workbook like no other! This transformative tool is designed to help you harness the power within. Inside, you'll discover instructions on maximizing its potential, delve into the profound impact of affirmations with "I AM," experience our trademarked Pause Breathe Proceed exercise, the Wonder Wander, and engage in daily or weekly exercises to cultivate new perspectives and behaviors. With techniques like grounding, centering breath, and letting go of thoughts, this journal, paired with our current toolkit, promises to revolutionize your life! We only have 100 special edition hardcopies so order yours today!

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Jenelle Cummings from Minnesota

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Nancy Epstein from Michigan

Hello! I’m Karen Wright

Founder of Pause Breathe Proceed

I started out as an innocent kid, shaped by my family, friends, teachers, and the media. I was set loose in the world, following the script of what I was “supposed to do” and what I was told to do. I went from high school, to college, to marriage, and along the way, I carried the thoughts and expectations of everyone who had a hand in raising me. It’s no wonder I felt stressed and lost — I was living everyone else’s opinions and dreams, not my own. Sound familiar?

I began to realize I had the power to figure out who I truly was and who I wanted to be.

My journey took me from the corporate world to massage therapy and eventually, it led me to create the Pause Breathe Proceed movement.

Now I’m on a mission to share with others who need it!

Looking back, every step I took brought me here. Life often gives us chances to pivot, to make different choices, to head down a new path.

It’s your life, and you get to choose, yet many folks end up living a life defined by others. Are you ready to live your life your way?

When we embrace Pause Breathe Proceed, something magical happens

We gain the power to pivot and make choices that align with our true selves. We can rewire our brains to think differently. Without those pauses, we just keep repeating the same old patterns, and nothing changes.

My dream is to empower you to live a life that beats in tune with your heart. I want you to become the author of your life story, to discover peace, power and purpose, just like I did.

So, what are you waiting for? There's nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. Let's do this journey together!

What makes

Pause Breathe Proceed different?

  • No time limit on videos: Take the journey at your own pace; there's no rush or pressure.

  • Tools for success: We provide you with practical tools that make the Pause Breathe Proceed journey achievable.

  • Easy integration: Our program is designed to seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle – it’s straightforward and easy to understand.

  • Effectiveness: Our approach really works in helping you understand and manage stress, fostering a life of peace and power.

  • Ongoing Support: We are here for you, we care. We don't like the “buy this and good luck”. We want to connect with you. Connect with us through live Zoom pauses, events, classes, and our active Facebook group. This is just the beginning! We’re committed to walking this transformative journey with you every step of the way.

Transform your relationship with stress now!

Understand your stress,

you will understand yourself.

Understand yourself,

you will become

the author of your story.

Take a breather with us:

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