You can pay a lot of money for a mindfulness workshop, a meditation class, or a variety of books on mindfulness and meditation but none will get the job done like the Pause Breathe Proceed Brain Book.  The success behind this book is that this journal is combined with the three basic steps of Pause Breathe Proceed and includes reminders.   Each time you react or respond you will learn to perform the Pause Breathe Proceed process.  This will allow the neurons in your brain to break the subconscious reactive pattern and allow you to choose a new reaction or response.  This is neuroplasticity, the ability to reprogram your brain!  You will become the author of your life.

This will change your life! This is not just a journal, this is a new way of thinking. It’s the journey to kindness, awareness and authenticity of the soul.  Included will be a reminder bracelet, a pen, and stickers to remind you to Pause Breathe and Proceed.

The book you use to rewrite the story of your life should be of high quality, something you are proud to own and excited to do.  The Pause Breathe Proceed Brain Book is a beautiful hard cover journal with:

  • Full color pictures
  • High Quality Paper
  • The Wonder Wander – how to activate the creative side of your brain
  • Information on grounding, centering breath, and letting go of thoughts

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This is cheaper than a mani/pedi, six Starbucks coffees, a night out on the town, yada yada yada.  You get our drift.  Pause Breathe Proceed will change your world.