Starter Kit


The perfect daily reminder!  A bracelet that can be worn at all times combined with stickers to remind you to pause throughout the day.

The colors of the Pause Breathe Proceed will remind you:

Black:  Are you being negative?  Are you about to react?

Maroon:  Breathe, calm your central nervous system, take a moment to understand the current situation from all points of view.

Red:  Proceed with a heart full of love.

What size would you like?


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This is your Pause Breathe Proceed starter kit!  These bracelets come in small, medium, and large.  They are a great reminder to pause and breathe throughout the day.  You will also receive three stickers to place somewhere in your daily routine that will remind you to pause.  Let us know what size you would like.

Additional information

Weight .03 oz
Dimensions .25 × 3 × .25 in

L, M, S


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