Pause-itivity is the art of pausing when faced with negativity to become positive or optimistic in nature.  Pause Breathe Proceed is your journey to create a positive life, one you can be proud to call your own.  It takes effort but I promise it is worth it.   I was excitedly sharing the Pause Breathe Proceed process my good friend Lisa Boselli.  Lisa is originally from New York.  When I finished explaining the philosophy she said in a New York accent “so, you are spreading Pause-itivity”.  So say it with a New York accent, “paws-i-tivity”, and a smile will appear.

The first step to creating a pause-itive life is to be aware of your body and mind, your feelings and thoughts.  Pause and observe how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.  Those two factors will indicate your pause-itivity factor.  If your body feels good and your thoughts are based on love and kindness, you have a high pause-itivity factor.  If your body feels down and your thoughts are based on fear and negativity, you have a low pause-itivity factor.

Breaking out of your habitual life to pause and observe is the challenge.  That is why we offer reminders such as stickers, bracelets, window/mirror clings, etc.  to pause – be aware of your body and mind, breathe – understand what is going on and why, and proceed – choose positivity, it is your choice in any situation.  It is not a situation that makes you negative, it’s how to react to a situation that can make you negative.  You can choose to be positive.

Practice Pause Breathe Proceed Pause-itivity and change your life and the world around you.  The choice you make will radiate outwards.  What you radiate you will attract.  Radiate love and kindness and feel the love and kindness return.  Radiate fear and negativity and watch yourself attract those that will drag you down the rabbit hole of negativity.  PAUSE and be PAUSE-itive!