Pause Breathe Proceed was born August of 2017.  The journey to these three words actually started when I was a kid.  Over the next few blogs I will share the lessons I learned along the way.  Through age and experience come wisdom and self reflection.  Pause and take time to self reflect on your journey.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

Lesson 1 – Creative Play Time = Creative Thinking

I grew up in the generation that worked and played hard.  We lived a middle income life that allowed creative playtime and pauses throughout our day.  I didn’t have the internet, I had encyclopedias, so I played often.  I remember my mom figuring out how to build a skating rink in our back yard before you could order one on Amazon and options for skateboarding ramps were unlimited in our neighborhood.   I now realize that play time was a lesson in creative thinking.  I did not have the internet to tell me how to build something, I had to figure it out.  This is a subconscious habit I have been blessed with throughout my life.  My creative thinking brain was my first step to creating Pause Breathe Proceed, almost 50 years ago.

Is creative thinking being squashed by the internet or are there more options to creatively problem solve?   Will the children of today be able to solve a problem without the use of technology and does it matter?  Todays generation is different than my generation.  Our parents raised us in a world similar to theirs.  How do parents guide children into the age of technology when they are learning as well?  What have you found that works?

Pause – take time to creatively play with your children, nieces, nephews, and yourself.  Give your brain a break from data coming in and let it be creative using the data it already has.  You may just be surprised at how much fun you have and how good it feels.

Breathe – the more you practice creative thinking, the more your imagination will open up and you will see the pathway to your dreams.  Once you breathe a dream into your heart, the universe will show you the way if you’re willing to be open and listen.

Proceed – engage in the Pause Breathe Proceed practice.  It will enable you to create the pause throughout your day and open your mind for creative thinking and listening.