Boulder College of Massage Therapy gave me a world class massage therapy education.  I learned about the body, mind, and energy.  Life was good in Boulder, CO, I was living the dream…but…I felt another Pause coming.  Even my mom got to the point where she’d say “it’s time for a change isn’t it?”.

Lesson 4 – Trust your gut and go for it!  Embrace change.  Don’t get too comfortable.  Life wasn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be a lifelong journey towards your destiny.  Keep challenging yourself.

It wasn’t long before I found myself driving back across the country to Orlando, FL.  I was on the opening team of the Ritz Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes, a 40,000 square foot spa.  It was time for some real experience.  I worked with some of the best spa therapists in the industry, bought a house and a Harley.  I was living the dream again.  I was on my own and having a blast but…something was missing in my heart.

I never gave up hope on finding true love.  I could write a book on bad dates by this point.  I had been single for almost seven years.  After a bad breakup I told God that I was done looking.  If He wanted me to meet someone He would have to give me a hand, so He did.  My friend convinced me to sign up for  I tried to cancel after I signed up but I was stuck for a month.  I grabbed a glass of wine, went to my computer and I did a nationwide search.  I found a guy, cute, adventurous, lived in Charlevoix, MI and his name was Kevin Wright.  I met Mr. wRight!!  I seriously Paused, looked to the sky and said “really?”.  It was time for another detour, another Pause in my life.

Kevin drove down to meet me and we immediately fell in love.  I realize that I was limiting my dream man to only that which was around me.  The moment I gave up control to God/the Universe my heart opened and all of my hopes and dreams for a good man were released into the Universe.  It was then that I met Kevin.  Kevin is truly my soul mate, my best friend, and little did I know at that time, my support for the Pause Breathe Proceed movement.  He believes in me and my Pause Breathe Proceed dream.

Pause – Don’t limit your dreams to only that which you see.  Dream big and have faith that the Universe/God will guide you.

Breathe – Clear your mind and open your heart, look deeply into both and decide what you truly desire.

Proceed – Know that you are not alone in your journey.  Your thoughts and dreams are frequency sent into the Universe.  The Universe loves a dreamer.