I opened my massage therapy practice, Elite Energetics, in Boyne City, MI in 2011.   About four years into my practice I knew a pause was coming, I could feel the energy shift, it was time to do more, perhaps teach.  Little did I know I needed space for Pause Breathe Proceed presentations and product.   I was making a comfortable living and having fun so I wasn’t aggressively looking for the next leg of my life journey.

Lesson 5 – Change will happen.  Your attitude to change is the music to your life story. There is no good or bad, there just is.  Know deep in your soul that all things happen in the proper time and find peace in that.  Don’t hold on too long and don’t give up hope, ever.  Get to work and focus forward.

God/the Universe must have decided I was ready, like it or not.  The building my office was in sold.  It was time to take the leap of faith.  The only rental option was more than double my rent, unknown utilities cost,  and the office space desperately needed a total makeover.  My grandmother would call this a “shit or get off the pot” moment.  I was nervous as I signed a lease, not knowing how the bills would get paid or if my hands would hold out.  In my heart I knew there was a greater plan in place so I went to work.  I spent countless hours before, during, and after massages pulling up carpet, scrubbing and painting walls, and devising a way to do massage in an open space.  The solution, black out curtains, came to me in a dream.  I was not alone in this venture.

Pause – As life happens, let it.  Step back and see what God/the Universe has in store for you.  Typically when change happens we resist it.  Our subconscious mind/body likes the comfort of our routine.  Think greater than your routine life.

Breathe – Don’t get too comfortable.  Get out and live life and let life happen.  Many times throughout my journey I worked hard and lived a comfortable life.  I lived the dream in California, Colorado, Florida and now Michigan.  I earned everything I had.  Don’t be afraid to give up your comfort for the next phase of your journey.  Ultimately nothing on this earth was meant to be owned, it is all meant to be experienced.

Proceed – GO FOR IT!  What are you waiting for?  You’ve seen your signs, answer your call.  Spread your wings and fly!  The only thing holding you back is fear and fear is self induced.  Just saying…  🙂