We all come to this earth with different voices, colors, languages, beliefs, etc. We are all unique and amazing individuals. Don’t try so hard to fit in somewhere. Just be the incredible you that you are and you will find your unique way in this world.  If you try to be someone else or fit in where you don’t then you will constantly feel lost and left out.  

When you can let yourself just be you then you will be comfortable in your own skin and you will attract all that you are meant to.  You will find your tribe of humans that get you, that understand you.  Letting go of people and things that hold you back from being your authentic self opens up doors to new people and things that allow you to excel.  It may be hard at first, you may feel alone but you are not.  You are raising your frequency, you are rewiring your brain to follow your dreams, you are creating your new reality.  This is very exciting.  The first step is to Pause Breathe Proceed and figure out who the “real you” really is.

Do you find it hard to just be the person you want to be? Are you trying too hard to fit in somewhere?

Pause, never stop learning who you really are and what path is authentically yours and start following it.

Breathe, release all that doesn’t resonate with you and find your true frequency, your true self.

Proceed, full of confident energy living the real you! You will feel free and find peace.