How to Stop the Crazy Train

The health of our lives consist of physical, mental, emotional, and social well being.  We dedicate most of our time to our physical well being without realizing the impact the remaining factors have in our life.

The key to creating a balanced life and work culture is to incorporate an emotional intelligence and mindful practice that is real, simple, and easy to use.  Pause Breathe Proceed will improve work life and personal life.  As the self changes so will the culture.

Organizations – Pause Breathe Proceed is emotional intelligence in action.  It will pause-itivily affect a organizations culture by:
1.  Empowering each individual to effectively use emotional intelligence and mindfulness.
2.  Creating the habit of Pause Breathe Proceed which can find the calm in reactive situations.
3.  Providing critical reminders to Pause and Breathe before Proceeding

At Pause Breathe Proceed we take a simple approach to a common challenge.   The practice of Pause Breathe Proceed will change lives from the inside out.

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Where to Start?

The practice of Pause Breathe Proceed (PBP) is just that, a practice.  It is my experience that starting with the basic knowledge of what stress is, how it affects our mind/body, and incorporating the simple yet powerful practice of PBP into daily life is the best place to start.

STEP ONE – Presentation “Stop the Crazy Train” – this will educate individuals on what stress and anxiety really are and how to reduce both.  Each individual will receive a reminder packet.  The reminders are critical to stop the crazy train from going forward and detour to an emotionally intelligent track.  The presentation can be in-person or online.

Reminders  Without reminders nothing will change due to the way the brain works.

Reminder packets can include:
1.  Small sticker(s) – perfect for phones and laptops
2.  Medium and/or large sticker(s) – great for computers, office spaces, windows, doors
3.  Bracelet – red running through black signifying love running through anger
4.  Credo card – years of knowledge printed in an easy to carry reminder card

We have stickers, journals, window clings, coffee mugs, sticky notes, and pens, all with the logo as a reminder.  We would be happy to work with you to create customized products specific for your business.

STEP TWO – We can continue to work with your organization to empower a culture that is understanding, compassionate, and kind.   We encourage follow-up meetings to answer questions and create educational tools to continue to develop a healthy business culture.

STEP THREE –  Pause Breathe and Proceed is best understood with practice and continuing education so the information can be digested slowly and practiced often.  The ultimate goal is to:

  • Understand yourself and your connections to others
  • See how you live your life on autopilot and how to break free
  • Rewire your brain to create change in your life
  • Resurrect common humanity traits; kindness, respect, love
  • Reduce stress/improve health
  • Create human connectivity
  • Learn understanding, compassion, and forgiveness
  • Create space for creativity and imagination
  • Write the rest of your story on your terms