Pause, Breathe, Proceed Training

The health of our lives consist of physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, occupational, spiritual and social well being.  We dedicate most of our time to our physical well being through exercise without realizing the huge impact the remaining factors have in our life.

Pause, Breathe, Proceed will host an informational session the first Monday of the month (please check the schedule below) .  This session will help you understand the power of the Pause and the Breath.  The three words Pause, Breathe, Proceed are the key to waking up and living in the conscious world, aware of your actions.  We are going to help you understand this simple yet powerful tool.  Performing these three steps, Pause, Breathe, Proceed every time you act/react will rewire the neurons in your brain and create a new mindset, one that you can call your own.

Pause Breathe Proceed will be launching activities all over northern Michigan.  Let us know if you want us to come to your town.  We are open to holding these informational sessions at other locations.  Help us spread the word and create kind communities.

Imagine if your business, the school system, and the community implemented this simple movement?  How many employees or students dread going to work or school?  Create a positive environment and people will flourish.    Let us help you create places of kindness and bring back humanity.    If you’re interested in bringing us into your place of business or school, please contact us. 

Please check the website or Facebook for updates to presentations.


Create this change within yourself and share it with others!