Fitting in to the norm is not what we are here to do. When you continue your Pause Breathe Proceed journey of knowledge, challenging yourself to explore who you are, and becoming the best version of you, you will drift away from those who choose to stay in their old mindset. It’s ok. Don’t try to hold on as it will be awkward for both parties. Don’t try to dumb down the new you to fit in. You are on this earth to soar, to find the truth, to make a difference, to be a Pause-itive example, and to be love.

Therefore cut the energetic ties to those that hold you back. Allow yourself time to mourn the loss of those connection. It will hurt for a bit but then you will realize that you are creating space in your heart and life. You will revibe to a new tribe that will support your journey. Keep on keeping on my friend! Let your soul continue its journey to light, love, and peace.