As I sat in a coffee shop in Traverse City, MI waiting to do a Pause Breathe Proceed presentation at the big yoga studio, Yen Yoga, I realized that I set this goal over a year ago.  As Pause Breathe Proceed started to take life, retail was purchased, social media began, legal considerations were investigated, and the plan started to come together, it was as if this project was taking on a life of it’s own.  This passion, I quickly realized, was moving forward with heart, soul, and the power of God/Universe.  A year ago as I visualized where I saw us going, Yen Yoga was one place that I wanted to present at.  I have a great respect for Yen.  Last Friday I presented there.

Prior to Pause Breathe Proceed I had begun to just live life as it came to me.  I am not a regular routine kind of girl but I was getting comfortable.  Now this comfortable girl has dreams and visions of presenting Ted Talks and speaking to huge audiences.  One thing I have realized is that if you dream it, visualize it, and put energy into it, God/Universe will have your back.  I can tell you numerous stories when I looked up to the sky and said “Thank you God” or “Ok God, I know you have a plan for this”.  Having this passion has given me a purpose.  I can’t wait to see what each day will bring.

What are your dreams?  Have you abandoned them or do they pinch you once in a while?  What is stopping you from creating the life you dream of?  Fear is just a thought from your past holding you back.  Stop thinking about the past, worrying about the present, and start visualizing a future.  The Pause Breathe Proceed enables you to shift though past beliefs/fears that hold you back and lets you soar into an exciting future.  So what are you waiting for?

Another goal I have is to be on the Ellen Show.  Simple, powerful, and do-able lol.  Onwards and Upwards!