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Who We Are

We Are Fun

Karen Wright and Christine Judd are Boyne City Michigan business owners. We love life, people, animals, laughing, playing and making every situation fun. We are both determined to leave our legacy by helping everyone Pause, Breathe and Proceed.

We Are Passion

Our founder, Karen Wright, worked in the corporate world, has been a massage therapist for 18 years, and is a 200 hour yoga teacher.  She has helped people with their physical health and is now passionate about helping people with their mental health and stress.  Mental health is an aspect of overall well being that everyone needs to work on to reduce stress.  Pause, Breathe, Proceed is a systematic approach to understand the mind and it’s implications on your body and life.

We Are Partners

We are partnering with Katie Winnell to create Pause, Breathe, Proceed programs.  Katie will bring her vast expertise to give you tools to understand your mind and body.  Katie Winnell, RN, BSN, NC, of Winnell Wellness Consulting, is a Health Educator and Integrative Nurse Coach with a passion for bringing holistic health and wellness tools to the public. She is a registered nurse, credentialed Whole Health Educator, Transpersonal Nurse Coach, and Clinical Meditation and Imagery instructor.  Learn more about Katie at Winnell Wellness Consulting

We Are Social

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