Who We Are

We Are Passion

Karen Wright, was a program manager for Delco Systems Operations and a consulting manager for Atos Origin, an international consulting company for Fortune 500 companies.  Nineteen years ago she left corporate America to pursue her passion of massage therapy.  She worked for eight years at two of the top spa’s in Orlando, FL.   Karen now has a thriving practice in Boyne City, MI.   She is a constant student of the mind/body connection.   In 2017 she earned her 200 hour yoga teacher certificate.  She helps people with their physical health and is now passionate about helping with mental, social and emotional health. In 2021 she will earn her Inner MBA certificate from New York University Mindful NYU.  Pause, Breathe, Proceed is a systematic approach to understanding the mind and its implications on your body and life.  Her vision is to partner with educators, counselors, and life coaches to bring the simple message of Pause Breathe Proceed to individuals, businesses, communities, and the world.  Together, with reminders, we can pause and be kind to ourselves and each other.

We Are Kind

Christine Judd worked 18 years in the optical field until she decided to learn the art of pet grooming.  In 2007 she opened Northern Pet Salon in Boyne City, MI.  She has continued growth every year due to the quality of care and continued knowledge that is given to each client.   Her heart for animals led her to open her barn to a horse equine rescue where she was a board member and ended as the Executive Director.  Christine immediately saw the power of the three words Pause Breathe Proceed.  She hopes the simplicity of Pause Breathe Proceed will leave a legacy of kindness in this world.

We Are Partners

We are partnering with Katie Winnell to create Pause, Breathe, Proceed programs.  Katie will bring her vast expertise to give you tools to understand your mind and body.  Katie Winnell, RN, BSN, NC, of Winnell Wellness Consulting, is a Health Educator and Integrative Nurse Coach with a passion for bringing holistic health and wellness tools to the public. She is a registered nurse, credentialed Whole Health Educator, Transpersonal Nurse Coach, and Clinical Meditation and Imagery instructor.  Learn more about Katie at Winnell Wellness Consulting

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