Whenever something bothers you I encourage you to face it head on right away. Process the emotion, recognize it, feel it, and let go of the negativity. If you don’t it could affect your thoughts the rest of your day, the rest of your week, the rest of your life. It can continue to bring you down without realizing it. It can trickle through everything else you do and shade those things with negativity.

Yesterday I had someone misunderstand something I did. Although I tried to explain things to her she wouldn’t hear of it. She was just focused on how the situation affected her. She spewed negativity. Although I did pause and consider her situation I realized she did not consider mine. I did not let go of the negative feelings. By the end of the day I noticed I had a bit of negativity in my thoughts with every other situation I faced. Negativity is like a virus, it spreads. Stop it as soon as it starts so it doesn’t fester inside you.

I paused, did my yoga and meditation outside with nature. I breathed in all the amazing energy and detoxed my thoughts. I then proceeded in peaceful positivity, love, and a big bad ass smile.